2019 Award Recipients

AWT is thrilled to announce our 2019 Rising Women in Technology
and Outstanding Executives in Technology!

Rising Women in Technology

Sally Soltero, Applied Medical Adrienne Atkins, AT&T

Natalie White, AWS

Arti Aggarwal, Experian

Christine Siu, Experian

Deborah Valdez, Experian

Mara Nicholl, Experian

Marizette Galvez, Experian

Meenakshi Shanmugasundaram,  Experian

Pallavi Mehta, Experian

Sumera Moten, Experian

Cal Treska, First American

Éowyn Carlson, First American

Grace Chen, First American

Imelda Pull, First American

Janani Duraisamy, First American

Janel Bommaiah, First American

Jennifer Johns, First American

Katherine Minotta, First American

Kathy Bruder, First American

Kayla Neff, First American

Kim Dubois, First American

Lauren Funes, First American

LeighAnn Boswell, First American

Lianne Kwock, First American

LeAnne Taylor, First American

Mona Kapadia, First American

Shannon Hagedorn, First American

Sue Gupta, First American

Vanessa Mendoza, First American

Wendy Tenorio, First American

Mary Wolf, Hoag Memorial Hospital

Michelle Ruiz, Hoag Memorial Hospital

Rosa Bryant, Hoag Memorial Hospital

Sandy Lujan, Hoag Memorial Hospital

Ling Ding, Irvine Company

Anita Chiang, Laserfiche

Grace Ding, Laserfiche

Miruna Babatie, Laserfiche

Tessa Adair, Laserfiche

Valen Anderson, Laserfiche

Wendy Lam, Laserfiche

Ellen Tran, Proponent

Aline Grossman, Providence St. Joseph Health

Heidi Brown, Providence St. Joseph Health

Sara Helmreich, Providence St Joseph Health

Tiffany Dunston, Universal Studios Hollywood

My Tran, Word and Brown

Thuy Nguyen, Word and Brown

Dina Chavez, Houlihan Lokey

Fony Tetley, Houlihan Lokey

Leesa Zimmer, Irvine Company

Outstanding Executives in Technology

Amber Overfield, AutoGravity
Karla Fiske, Arbonne

Kimberly Kovacs, Arroyo Ventures, LLC

Monique Dumais-Chrisope, Encore Capital

Monica Lim, Experian

Jackie Salama, First American

Debbie Price, Irvine Company

Sharon Moseley, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Nicole Ungaro, KushCo Holdings

Kathy Lomax, LA Care

Linda Ding, Laserfiche

Shannon Shank, Mount St. Mary’s University

Sharon Chan, Murad

Christine Tucker, Pacific Life

Kathy Melgar, Pacific Life

Lisa Skinner, Pacific Life Suzie Bonner, Reliance Steel & Aluminum