Connecting Digital Talent and Digital Opportunity

Connecting Digital Talent and Digital Opportunity

By Nancy Chetron

Advancing Women in Technology (AWT) presented Janelle Hill, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, of Gartner at Cisco on Wednesday, September 19th on the topic of “Connecting Digital Talent and Digital Opportunity”.

Janelle shared best practices and a case study from a non-digital company as well as practical tips for how candidates and employers can effectively find each other. In her opening slide she addressed the issue that you don’t have to be Facebook or Netflix or a well-known “digital giant” to attract great digital talent. She shared how companies can expand their potential talent pool by “pivoting to a new set of rules of engagement” including looking at potential hires who are former military, qualified retirees, etc.   She also talked about how including flexible work arrangements and mentoring can make a huge difference in employee retention.

This interactive session included questions and examples from the audience and some research on the numbers of women entering technology in addition to why some are exiting the field. Janelle highlighted some of the emerging better techniques for recruiting and developing digital talent, including women, and for finding digital roles both inside and outside of digital companies.

Key takeaways included:

  • It’s not all about money.
  • How to write a job description that appeals to your audience.
  • Focusing on the big companies may be cramping your style…and your career path
  • You’re both out there…you just need help connecting.


In addition to the informative tools and takeaways, there were opportunities to network and to meet with HR representatives from AWT sponsors.

Attendees included both active members of AWT as well as AWT guests.

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