A Simple Tool for Speaking Honestly and Constructively

June 6th Mindful Communications in the Workplace
A Simple Tool for Speaking Honestly and Constructively

Are Your Workplace Communications Achieving the Desired Results?

The Oxford dictionary defines communication as “the imparting or exchanging of information,” yet our workplace communications often lack any real “exchange” of ideas. At times our well-intentioned attempts may be misconstrued or ineffective. So how can we learn to speak the truth, yet ensure it’s done constructively? Join AWT on June 6th for “Mindful Communications in the Workplace: A Simple Tool for Speaking Honestly and Constructively.” Lorraine Aguilar of Working Harmony, Inc will facilitate what is sure to be a highly relevant and interactive experience, providing you and your team with the skills and tools to work collaboratively.

Lorraine is passionate about empowering people to collaborate, innovate and influence others for the greater good. She has trained and coached senior leadership teams at multiple organizations whose success depends on effective collaboration. The workshop will include an introduction to using a tool for mindful communication and an opportunity for attendees to break into small groups and practice using the tool. As part of the conversation, Lorraine will lead us in a discussion on the challenge of being honest and how building on the positive can improve your results — by changing behaviors such as shifting language to “turn up the good” and speaking not just in terms of behaviors but human values.


The goal of the workshop is to help make it easy and safe for people to speak honestly and constructively about how to improve team performance, whether it’s for meetings, project debriefs or team-building activities. Common questions for consideration include: What’s one quality I’d like to see more of on my team? What would it look like in action?

What actions can we take?

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