AWT Up Next: Google Workshop On Empowerment And Self Promotion

google workshop #iamremarkable

Encouraging women to be empowered while improving their self-promotion skills is key to advancing new female leaders.

Advancing Women in Technology (AWT) is excited to announce our next event: #IAmRemarkable

Event Details!

  •      When: September 20, starting at 5:30 PM
  •      Where: Experian Headquarters in Costa Mesa (475 Anton Blvd.)
  •      Sign Up: Register Now!


Join us, along with our event host Experian, as we offer an amazing workshop delivered by Google.

You will not want to miss this event!

The #IAmRemarkable initiative was developed by a team of volunteers at Google and it encourages women and other members of underrepresented groups to vocalize their achievements in the work environment and improve their self-promotion skills.

Why It Matters

Although companies have invested heavily in programs to advance female leaders, the number of women in executive roles has not changed significantly in the last decade. Even if women are well represented as middle managers, their numbers drop off when making the jump to VP-level executives[1].

The #IAmRemarkable team believes that one of the primary hurdles of having women in more leadership positions is overcoming the social norms that stifle self-promotion in women – specifically, vocally expressing their achievements in the work environment[2].

What It Is

The cornerstone of the #IAmRemarkable initiative is a one hour exercise facilitated by a Google employee and “#IAmRemarkable ambassadors”, which helps organizations achieve two things:

  1. Empower women to overcome feminine modesty norms and practice self-promotion skills.
  2. Change social norms with both women and men by promoting the exercise in your organization and amongst your colleagues, peers, suppliers and more.


The Science Behind It? Come to the workshop and find out!

Sign up now!

Our Google Workshop Leader 

Natalie Dell O'Brien Google

Important Details 

  • RSVPs must be made in advance and no later than noon on Sept 18. Unfortunately, there will be NO “walk ins”. Our capacity is limited to 100 people so sign up today.
  • This event is available to men and women, both active members of AWT as well as non-members. Register Now! 
  • Active members of AWT can register now for FREE. Not an active member? Join today! Non-members can register now and receive our early bird rate of only $30 until September 10 (between September 10 and September 18, the cost is $40).
  • Questions? Contact pauline@awtca.org or janet@awtca.org for more information.


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See you there!

[1] Correll, Shelley, and Caroline Simard Simard. “Research: Vague Feedback Is Holding Women Back.” Harvard Business Review. N.p., 29 Apr. 2016. Web. 22 Feb. 2017.

[2] Kay, Katty, and Claire Shipman. The confidence code: the science and art of self-assurance–what women should know. New York, NY: HarperBusiness, Harper Collins Publishers, 2014. Print.


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