2017 Award Recipients

AWT is thrilled to announce our 2017 Rising Women in Technology
and Outstanding Executives in Technology!

Rising Women in Technology

Jumi Rho, Arbela Technologies
Christine Lambino-Cunliffe, Bobo Strategy, Inc.
Becky Clay, Experian
Amber Garcia, Experian
Sirisha Koduri, Experian
Thy Phan, Experian
Anjali Pipriya, Experian
Christina Carson, First American
Emily Dean, First American
Kim Hsu, First American
Brenda Jones, First American
Monica Raicea, First American
Angela Evans, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Homa Feizipour, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Allison Hardie, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Carla Lopez, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Julie Bashir, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Shaila Garikaparthi, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Amanda Geers, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Remee Busser, Irvine Company
Vrushali Joshi, Irvine Company
Vaibhavi Krishnakumar, Irvine Company
Regina Plum, Irvine Company
Glenda Uy, Irvine Company
Melissa Baldwin, Pacific Life
Maria Moeljadi, Pacific Life
Jeyanthi Sethu, Pacific Life
Edith Young, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Alesha Provencio, Thinkbox Technology Group
Anabel Sanchez, Western Digital
Renee Showalter, Word and Brown
Jeannine Tuchscherer, Word and Brown

Outstanding Executives in Technology

Hilary Baker, California State University, Northridge
Faith Gaudino, Experian
Mary Cruse, First American
Jamie Levitt, First American
Mahtab Nahavandi, First American
Sharon Singleton, First American
Barbara Vanek, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Nova Stewart, Hoag Memorial Hospital
Alicia Lucas, MobileNet Services
Adelina Dudda, Pacific Life
Randi Gordon, Pacific Life
Kavita Patil, Western Digital